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January 2014

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Weed or what?!?

Okay, so I might be a tad wrong.

A few weeks ago, I was certain this was a perennial coming back, but everyone else in my family thought it was nothing but a weed.   And yeah, it does look a bit weedy, but I'm still hopeful . . .


Can anyone end this debate? advanced web statistics


It looks like monarda (bee balm) to me. But I have also let weeds grow to monstrous proportions before giving in to reality, so I may not be the best judge.
Thanks, Melissa! Me and my bee balm will soon be parting ways. ;)
That's grown quite a bit in just a few weeks of warm weather! Which means....weeds!

But I'd wait just a little longer before pulling. You never know. :)
Okay, I did wait over the holidays. Not because I'm giving it a chance, we were too busy!

This week, the sucker is gone. ;)
I'm with Melissa -- looks like Monarda to me, too.
Thanks, Kelly!
Monarda!! Bee balm!!
Crush a leaf, and it'll tell you itself.
lovely stuff-- got it all over our yard!
I think it's marijuana. Try smoking it and let us know what happens.
Oh my gosh, you crack me up!


weed or what

im almost postitive that that is a weed it looks exactly like the weed that grows in my veggie garden that i pull at the beginning and the end of the season, the funny thing is it kind of looks like a werid peony btu its not a peony because there is no red on the stem also the other give away for weeds is see at the bottom of the second or first pic i forget there are smaller ones grows all around no perrinal i know multiplies like that only weeds shoot up then multiply again usually a regular plant multiplies while it is younger