Laura Bowers (laurabowers) wrote,
Laura Bowers

SHARK GIRL release!

Another congratulations and a big Woo-HOO to fellow Class of 2k7 member Kelly Bingham for the release of her young adult poetry novel, SHARK GIRL!

What happens when life as you know it is changed forever?
What happens when your dreams are snatched away?
And how do you move on when you have lost part of yourself forever?

Shark Girl is a story of fifteen-year old Jane Arrowood, a budding artist and junior in high  school.  On a sunny summer day, Jane goes to the beach with her family and goes for a swim.  That's when everything changes---forever. Now she dreads returning to school, with her fake arm and the stares, whispers, and pity of the students around her.

Told in poems, letters, newspaper articles, and conversations, SHARK GIRL looks at what it's like to find the courage to rebuild the life you thought you'd lost.

"With compassion, candor, and riveting clarity, Kelly Bingham poses a paradox:  Can a person really be whole without losing something first?"
--Tim Wynne-Jones, author of Rex Zero at the End of the World

"Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, along steps author Kelly Bingham into the ranks of talented new writers with the compulsively readable Shark Girl.  This debut novel grabs hold and won't let go."

--Ron Koertge, author of Stoner & Spaz, and Strays

"When fifteen year-old Jane is attacked by a shark, so much more is lost than her arm.  This heart-in-your-throat story, eloquently written, bravely examines the capability of the human spirit, especially in the face of terror, indignity, and sorrow.  Young readers will ache for Jane, but they will triumph, too.  Bravo to Kelly Bingham, a fresh new voice in young adult letters."

--Kathi Appelt, author of My Father's Summers

Congratulations, Kelly, and best of luck with your fantastic novel!
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