Laura Bowers (laurabowers) wrote,
Laura Bowers

** Gray's Anatomy spoiler alert! **

Okay, one outta two ain't bad!

I guessed the Denny part right--without the hand holding--but I was way, way off base with my Izzy theory.  (Even though for a while there I thought George was going to clothesline her during that long I believe speech and when she criticized his marriage to Callie.)  But I truly didn't think it'd be Meredith, because she was the obvious choice after her fall in the water last week, and I never like going with the obvious choice, because it's so . . . well, obvious.  I was expecting a twist and besides, she's the show's narrator!

Maybe that IS the big twist.  But, is she really dead?  Or will amymcauley's prediction be right and they'll bring her back to life?  We'll have to wait and see.  My guess?  I think they will, but I've been wrong before! ;)

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