Laura Bowers (laurabowers) wrote,
Laura Bowers

Shake-up on Gray's Anatomy

Okay, so apparently, a cast member is going to die tonight on Gray's Anatomy.  It's supposed to be someone huge, someone important, someone you'd never think they'd kill off.  AND another cast member is going to be killed off next week!  More scoopage is available here.

Not only that, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan is supposed to reprise his role as Denny, and he does not appear in a flashback, dream, or something stupid like an unknown twin, and the scene will blow our minds.

But, first things first.  Any guesses on which character it's gonna be tonight? 

My first guess would be Preston Burke, considering the horrendous comment Isaac Washington made regarding T.R. Knight.  But, that's too easy.  Everyone is going to guess Burke, and besides, it was reported it will be someone we'd never think they'd kill off.

McDreamy?  No way.  I think the producers realize that if McDreamy was killed off, they'd have a ton of women rioting their offices, with me leading the pack.  McSteamy?  Hmm, it's possible.  But again, that's an easy pick because he's really not that important to the show now that Meredith is with Derek.

Meredith?  Not likely.  She is, in fact, the Gray's that makes Gray's Anatomy.  Christina?  They better not.  Her character is the most interesting.  Izzy?  Nah . . . or, is Katherine Heigl longing for a movie career and wants out?  George, Richard, Alex and Addison, Callie?  Maybe Callie, which would really stink because I like Sara Ramirez.

This is a tough one.  Next week, I think it will be Burke, but tonight . . . I'm guessing it will be Izzy.  And, before she passes, she's going to see Denny who will be waiting for her with his hand held out and . . . okay, okay, that pretty much stunk. 

Good thing I'm not a writer on that show. ;)

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