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January 2014

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Beauty Shop for Rent

Book Fair

On Saturday, Cooper and I met my father at the Random House Book Fair. The weather was beyond gorgeous, so we didn't stay long. But it was fun checking out the local authors selling their books, not all of which were published by RH . . .

. . . and the Random House books for sale . . .

. . . although I thought there should have been more young adult novels on display . . .


There were some mid-grades and a few ya titles at the children's section, but I didn't get a photo of that.  

After checking out the books, we were looking at the schedule of guest author speakers while a guy near us was talking on his cell. I saw Chris Bohjalian (Midwives, The Law of Similars, etc.) on the list, pointed to his name and said, "Oh, I want to see that guy at 11:30." The man speaking on the cell then snapped it shut and said, "Well, I'm that guy."


But he was very cool and down to earth. I introduced myself, and told him I was a young adult novelist. He asked about my book, and said he had a daughter who may enjoy it.  Yeah!  During his talk, I was impressed at how he never plots his novels, and writes on a free rein.  I'm a plotter by nature, but after listening to him, I've decided that when I start the adult novel brewing in my head - I'm not going to plot.  At all.  (Gulp.)  Then, during the book signing, Chris remembered my first name and how my book started with "Beauty Shop." Which impressed me, because I truly stink at remembering names!

Now . . . before viewing this picture, please keep in mind I ran out of hair gel that morning, and I'm having some serious bang issues, okay?  Okay.

Yeah, I know.  My bangs look like brown claws clamping down on my forehead.  And there was some confusion over which camera to look at since my father was taking a picture as well.  

All in all, I left the fair a big Chris Bohjalian fan and can't wait to read his next book, "The Double Bind," that comes out in February.  (Maybe my bangs will grown out by then!)


It's a very popular public event in my area that's geared more for readers than writers. (I was in a rush this morning, and didn't explain well!) There was also a kid's section with face painting and balloons, but my guy thought he was too old for that. ;)

Yep, there's some irony in my hair issue! That, and how it's been about thirteen years since my last professional manicure, and yet I wrote a book about a beauty shop!
Remember that photo of an old chair I posted a while ago? Now you can see why I wanted it so bad, because it's almost the same color as the one on my cover. ;)
Very cool!!!!
Thanks, sweets!