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January 2014

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Get on with it!

Last May, I had no clue what 'blogging' meant.

Is it blowing your nose while jogging?  Clogging around the block?  Is a 'blogger' a blonde lumberjack working for a Swiss logging company?

Thank God my writing buddy/mentor Pam Smallcomb was around to gently whisper the true meaning in my ear.  An online journal, huh?  Cool!  I can do that!  So, after taking a blogging class by Lara Zeises in July, I decided to start one of my own.  In September, once the kids went back to school.

But now it's September 20th.

Why did it take me twenty days to start?  Because of this.  The first entry.

I'm serious!

I have lots of ideas on what to write later, all jotted down in my little notebook, but this first entry has me completely worried.  What should I say?  How do I start?  Do I give my life story, or a quick hey, hello, welcome to my blog, please tune in tomorrow?

But, rather than sit around and sweat this for ANOTHER twenty days, I'm going to dive right in and get on with it.  So, allow me to formally introduce myself.


My name is Laura Bowers.  I write mostly young adult novels and my first book, Beauty Shop for Rent, will be coming out in Spring 2007 with Harcourt.  I like: horseback riding, archery, baseball (the GREATEST sport ever,) reality TV (so addicted,) chilly fall weather, hugs from my husband and watching my children grow.  I don't like: noisy eaters, sauerkraut (what IS that stuff,) hot, humid weather, being away from my husband and knowing my children will be grown before I know it.

Whew!  My first journal entry is officially completed.  Now, all I have to do is post it.  Post the sucker and get it over with.  Just hit the update button . . . any minute now . . . yep, just hit that button, girl . . .

Which I'm gonna do . . . right . . . now.


Yay! You're here! I just posted announcing your arrival. Hopefully you'll meet a bunch of new writers ASAP!
Welcome! Looking forward to learning more about you and your novels! I'm a huge Lara-hearter, too. I want to be her when I grow up! Except, I'm WAY older than she is! I'm a YA novelist also, though I haven't sold one quite yet.
Welcome to the blogging world, Laura! I just started my own not too long ago and I'm completely addicted. Congrats on that first post. And the book coming out! I'll be looking for it. :)
Yay! Hi, Laura! What a gorgey picture!

Hello, welcome to blogging/live journal. Great first post.
I write for kids and am a member of the SCBWI.
Angela L. Fox


Off to a great start

Looks great, Laura! Keep 'em coming!

Marianne F

nice to meet you!

you can see me at thereadingmom.com :)
I love your blog, can't wait to read your book, and hope that blogging brings you lots of joy.
I friended you, and hope that's cool. :)

Hi, Laura!

Welcome to LJ.
Welcome, Laura! Looking forward to reading your posts...and Beauty Shop. Can I add you to my friends list?

I'm also a YA/MG writer --but am still working on the 'published novel' part.


Add me to your friends list and I'll do the same. Us ya/mg writers need to stick together!