February 16th, 2007

Win a galley of BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT!

From now until my May 1, 2007 release, I'm giving away galley copies of BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT!

Seeing how the setting is in Granny Po's old-fashioned salon called POLLY'S PARLOR, you can enter by doing one of the following:

1.)   Tell me all about or send a jpeg photo of your worst hairstyle or biggest follicle fiasco, like your four-inch Aqua Net bangs, asymmetrical hair don'ts, highlights gone wild, or your hair before the creation of anti-frizz serum!

2.)  Or, tell me about the worse experience you've ever had at a beauty salon.  I'm talking about bad hair cuts, bipolar stylists, man-handled manicures or dye job gone bad.  Give me your worst . . . your embarrassing . . . or your painful!

3.)  As a kid, I used to love going to home beauty salons with my mom, and sifting through grown-up magazines while watching the ladies get pretty.  If you have any, share with me your favorite home salon memory.

4.)  Or, share any hairstyles your parents forced you to endure when you were a kid, like braids so tight they lifted your eyebrows, long hair that took an hour to comb out, or super-short locks that made you look like a boy.  (That brings back painful memories!)

All those who enter will have their names placed in a hat, and my sons will take turns pulling out the winning entries.  And, if you post a link for my contest on your blog or MySpace page, your name will be entered twice!  Just send me your blog's link along with your entry.

I might post select photos or stories on my blogs.  Don't worry--everyone here promises to not laugh.  (Can't make any guarantees about giggling, however.)  But, if you'd rather not be exposed or have your name mentioned, specify this on your entry.

All entries can be sent to laura.bowers at comcast dot net, or through my website's contact page.

The first drawing will take place on March 2th!  Good luck!