March 31st, 2006

Miss Dee Zip

Downloading the sophomore attempt

Got my download bill from iTunes the other day. 

Oh my. 

It was a wee bit higher than I imagined it'd be.  However, my husband was one excited pup when I gave him three CD's burned with all his favorite songs.  Most were awesome tunes from the 70's, like Leo Sayer's "You make me feel like dancing."  (I love it!)  But, he did have a few questionable songs on his pick list, that I will refrain from mentioning in order to preserve his cool image. 

Next subject. 

While on break from BSfR, I've been in a quandary all week, trying to decide which manuscript to submit as my second book.  I have three to choose from, all in various stages of completion.  All three I love.  But with each, there's either something wrong, or something holding me back. 

I think my biggest problem is fear.  There's always so much emphasis on an artist's sophomore attempt, whether you're a singer, musician or writer.  In a way, it's even more intimidating than submitting my first book, which is something I never expected to feel when I was a novice writer.  I used to go to conferences and see other writers who finally got a book published and think, wow.  They've got it made in the shade, baby!  If their first book was good enough for print, then surely everything is going to be easy, right? 

Wrong. I'm just as doubtful.  There still are days when I totally question my writing ability.  And there are times when, after doing a huge rewrite, I think, "Oh my gosh, do I really want to go through this again?" 

THANK GOD I have a fantastic editor, who has been listening to my concerns all week.  She helped me narrow down my choices, so instead of downloading songs, I can soon download another book for her to consider. 

Especially after seeing that bill!

L-Bo, my new name! ;)

Okay, ENOUGH already with the celebrity couple name combinations!   

First there was Bennifer, which did made me chuckle, but the giggle wore off after hearing it about two thousand times.   Then it was Brangelina.  Followed by TomKat.  NOW, there's Vaughniston.  When will this insanity end?   

And, when Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler were dating, why didn't anyone think  of Misco?  To easy?  Okay, then what about Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.  Kenico?  Banman?   

What if Bob or I were remotely famous.  Bolar?  Larbo?  (ouch, sounds too much like Lardo, and that brings back painful childhood memories.)  Or what about our middle names, Keith and Lee.  Kelee?   

Hey, maybe I could pull a J-Lo and give myself the  nickname L-Bo.  Hehehe, get it?  L-Bo . . . elbow?  Okay, fine, maybe I really need to get to bed.  But one more thing.  This may seem controversial to some Bo fans, but does anybody here think Bo Bice would look so much better with a short hair cut?     

It's just a thought . . .