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January 2014

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Fundraisers are not fun.

I strongly dislike sports fundraisers. (I would say hate, but it's such a strong word, huh?)

Seriously. Just let me know how much I owe for my kid's travel baseball team and we'll write a check. Are we rich? Heck no, but I'd rather pay his fees rather than spend WEEKS planning, organizing, driving around for donations, making phone calls, typing emails, piling stuff in my dining room, and taking time away from my family and my writing, especially since there's always those parents on the team who don't do much to help.

Mmm, do I sound a bit testy today?

Okay, then let me go ahead and say it. I hate fundraisers. AND how I've been reminded several times by my mother that if I just said NO in the first place, I wouldn't be doing all of this.

Gee, you think?

But my husband and I aren't like that. It's impossible for us to sit on the sidelines and do nothing. So with that, I guess I'll stop complaining and just get to it.


Urhg. I feel you. What I hate even more are fundraisers for arts programs in schools where the football team doesn't have to sell popcorn. I know. The weekly game brings in more than ticket revenue than the musical, but just fund the programs already! And if the school can't do it, I will simply write a check. Who wants to send their kid door to door selling cheese anyway?
Our school has a fundraiser where they want kids to sell this highly overpriced wrapping paper. I just make a donation and get my paper from Wal Mart!
I totally agree! I HATE fundraisers. I think it comes from doing too many myself as a kid. I'll just write the check.
Amen to that!

Just say No...

Hate'm too-- refuse to do them. It's not like it's just sports, either-- it's scouts, and PTG, and, and, and...

NO! No way. Forget it. Period.

At the beginning of every season/year, I tell them, Look, I just don't have the sales gene,and I don't want everyone I know foaming and running when my kids and I approach. Let me write you a check. If I write you a check *all* the proceeds go to your organization, and I won't be saying terrible things about your organization under my breath for the next month.

So far, no-one has complained, though I have gotten a few weird looks. I do make an exception for Girl Scout cookies, but that's only because we buy them ourselves...

Re: Just say No...

Oh, man, I cringe when the one neighbor girl rings the doorbell. Because I always buy a ton of boxes and have to fight temptation every time I see those Tag-a-long boxes in the pantry.

And the Dosidos (sp.) And Thin Mints. And what are those new ones, the shortbreads?

Stop, must stop.

Re: Just say No...

Oh,yeah... thin mints.mmmmmmmm
And the Samoas are my biggest downfall!!! I used to buy a whole carton of boxes from my boss's daughter back when I was working full time and didn't have any girlscouts of my own. We always joked that I was going to send her troop to Washington... Lord knows, I did my best!
Go Laura! Go Laura!

Your mantra is "I love fundraisers. Fundraisers are fun."

Just keep saying it.

Love, andrea
Yeah, I tried to follow your advice, but the only thing that came out was "Fundraisers suck, fundraisers suck."

I'll give it another go tomorrow. :)