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January 2014

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I did it!

Go refill your coffee, folks.  This is gonna be a long one!

I had THE BEST TIME at the Frederick Running Festival Saturday night.  Oh my gosh, it was so awesome.  I don't know where to begin.

Okay, how about with my never-ending wardrobe issues?

Because I was editing on Saturday evening and feeling that delicious I-don't-want-to stop nirvana, I was late getting ready, only to realize my best sports bra was still wet in the washer.  What to do?  Wear my other sports bra that doesn't have enough support or the one that makes me look like I have four nipples or the wet one?  Anyone woman who has put on a wet bra before can understand this dilemma.  Actually, I think guys can, too. 

Seeing how support is good and I'd rather not look like I have four nipples, I threw the wet bra in the dryer with dry sweatpants.  Which brought me to my next issue.  Long pants or shorts?  I wore a sweatshirt at my kid's game earlier that day, but, my mom said it was going to be humid and hot.  What to do?  Listen to Mom or wear pants because I hate to be cold?  I wore pants.  And a damp sports bra and long-sleeve shirt.

Off to Frederick.

Bob and my other son was at a baseball tournament, so it was just my youngest and I.  But, he soon proved to be the best spectator ever.  I was nervous, so he told me a thousand times I looked okay.  He helped me find a parking spot.  He held my registration packet, time chip, number, safety pins and camera when I went in the bathroom to change into my race T-shirt because it was HUMID and HOT.  (Why are mothers always right?)  He then assured me a thousand times that, yes, my number was pinned on straight, and no, I didn't look stupid because only a few people were wearing long pants.

Off to the race track, where the 5k was to start.  It was crowded, y'all.

Very crowded . . .

There were 637 runners in all, bringing me to my next question.  Where do I start?  At first, I stood in the middle.

But then I looked around at all the people and imagined them passing my slow butt and saying things like, "Get in the back, you!"  But no, I was going to stay put and not worry.  Instead, I got out my trusty, beloved iPod that has seen me through four months of training, only to realize that . . .  I forgot to charge it.

I.  Was.  Mad.

Mad, annoyed, and irritated, beyond all madness, annoyed-ness and irritated-ness.

Fine, whatever.  I was going to be a big girl and run without it.  But . . . yes, I did wuss out and move to the back on the line where I thought I belonged.  Pretty soon, people were checking their watches.  Four minutes to the start.  Three.  Two.  People were stretching, jogging in place, or jumping up to see the start of the line.  One minute.  And then we were off and I soon discovered something:

I'm a better runner than I give myself credit for.

The first half mile I spent passing people and trying to be polite about it.  For a while, I settled behind this one gal because her iPod was cranked and I could hear it through her earphones, but I passed her as well.  Then I soon saw the pace car coming toward us on the opposite side of the road with a runner behind it.  At first, I thought it was someone else out for a casual run.  Then I saw his number and realized it was the leader.

Dude.  Are you serious?

Apparently, at the halfway mark, you turn around and come back in on the same road.  Pretty soon, staggered runners were coming from the other direction and I imagined what could be going through their heads when they saw us.  Stuff like, "Ha, ha, Looo-sahs!"  More runners came toward us and then, finally, I saw the halfway mark in the distance.  And . . . wait, could it be?

Yes!  A Gatorade table with people passing out cups.  I have ALWAYS wanted to do that!  Seriously, how cool is this?

I ran around the halfway mark.  I grabbed my cup, yelled out, Thank You, went to take a sip . . . and splashed it up my nose.  Not cool.  So I walked for a few strides, tried to drink some, and started to choke.  Again, not cool.  I gave up, threw it away and kept running.  Good think I always tuck a few tissues in my waistband.

So.  I ran.  And ran.  And passed a few people.  And was passed by a few people.  And saw slower runners on the other side of the road and tried real hard not to think things like, "Ha, ha, Looo-sahs!"

Meanwhile, my kid occupied his time doing things like this . . .

 . . . taking pictures of his new shoes and watching the lead runner coming in at SIXTEEN MINUTES!!! Wow, that's amazing.

Back to me.  I ran.  And ran.   And then finally . . . the grand stand came into view.  Almost there!  People were standing on the sidelines, cheering us on.  A father with a baby cheered on his wife, who was running in front of me, bringing tears to my eyes.  Then we made it to the race track.  More people--hundreds of them.  More cheering.  The band was playing.  A LOT more cheering.

It was one of the most emotional moments in my life.

I started to smile.  And cry.  While breathing heavy.  It's very hard to run, smile, cry and breath heavy.  The finish line was coming up, but I wasn't looking at it.  Instead, I scanned the track rail, trying to find my kid because that's all I was worried about at the moment.  When I saw him, I went nuts.

Then I looked ahead to the finish line and saw the time.  29.20, are you kidding me?  I might finish in under thirty minutes? 

I kicked it in high gear, not to pass the lady in pink shorts, (I rather think that's obnoxious, if you ask me,) and came in at 29.21.40.  It was BEYOND amazing.  What was even more amazing was the huge smile on my son's face when he joined me at the cool-down area and told me a thousand times how proud he was of me.   Out of the entire experience, THAT was the greatest thing.

All in all, out of 637 finishers, I came in 209th place.  Out of the women, I was 81st and out of the 63 women in my 35 to 39 age group, I came in 19th.  Not too shabby!  And what did I learn from all of this?

1.  Listen to my momma, at least on what to wear.
2.  Stop underestimating myself, in all aspects of life.

My next goal?  To place in my age group in another 5k . . . and to bike the entire 184 miles of the C & O Canal.  Training for that starts this week.

Oh!  I almost forgot.  The second best thing?

Free beer! advanced web statistics


That is amazing, Laura!! Good for you, you should be so proud..
Thanks, Lauren! It did feel so good to accomplish something! ;)
Oh Laura, I loved your 5K story! Hooray for you! 29.21 ain't too shabby. I'd love to beat thirty minutes.

Mmmm, free beer... :)
Thanks, Amy! Normally, I hate draft beer, but it was tasting pretty dang awesome. ;)
You are glowing!

I'd be all red-faced and splotchy and haggard.

I should go ahead and confess that I was still wearing makeup from earlier in the day. Otherwise, you'd see how red I was! My face goes crimson when I work out and stays like that for a while. My older son is the same way.

Thanks for stopping by!
Thank you so much for sharing this! My heart thumped and I got tears in my eyes as I read this post. Congratulations on running a fine race and rediscovering a belief in yourself!
Meant to write this earlier but forgot until just now when I was out running and took a drink from my bottle while in motion:

In races, pinch the water cup so it creases in half. Much easier to drink from that smaller opening and nothing goes up your nose!
Cool, thanks for the great advice! I'll have to practice that at home and make my kids stand along the road with cups. They'll enjoy watching me make a mess until I get it right! ;)
Yay for you!

And another yay for making this: http://kba.nku.edu/lists/2009.shtml

(Scroll down a ways)
YEAH!!! I am so thrilled that BSfR won an award! Thanks so much for sharing this link, it made my day!

I don't know how you did it without your ipod. I would have been so lost.
Thanks, Lisa! And I was beyond furious at myself for forgetting to charge my iPod. I'm always using it--when I work out, write or clean, so it definitely sucked to not have my tunes!

Next time, I'm bringing my son's as a back-up. Rap would have been better than nothing!
Huge congratulations to you! You rock! Under 30 minutes. And I think your attire looks perfect!
And good for you for already having goals set.
Thanks! It was so fantastic to FINALLY reach a goal I've had for so long.

And I just read your 'five goals on a Monday' post. Oh my gosh, I'm just like you. Are you obsessed with To-Do lists as well? We should compare sometime. ;)
I'm made lists forever! Back in college I used to even write things like "Shower" and "walk to class" on them to help give the feeling of accomplishment. I'm much better now, but try to make a new one each day!
Oh my gosh, what kind of nerd has "Shower" on their to-do list?

Um . . . okay, I do. And eat breakfast, take vitamins as well. Told you I was obsessed. ;)
You crack me up!
Oh yay! You look so good! Did you get a free PowerBar in addition to your beer? Because I supplied those. I should have had your son take pictures for me! And you'll also be getting a mini-subscription to Runner's World if you don't subscribe already... to keep you running....
Thanks!!! And C would have been glad to take pictures! It would have given him something else to do other than text. ;) I plan on doing it again next year, so we'll work out the details then.

And no, I passed on all the food. The last 5k, I ate a banana after the race and had a pretty bad reaction to it, if you know what I mean!

YEAH! Runner's World! I don't subscribe, but now that I'm already planning out my next race, I might have to . . .

BTW, I remember you're friends with one of the coordinators of the Frederick Running Festival. Be sure to tell them I had an awesome time and it was very well run!
I think you should probably start getting the October issue if you're not a subscriber by then!

And I will tell Chris that you had a great time!

Oh, and BTW, the Baltimore Marathon is in October ;)
I saw that in the packet they gave us! And, there's a 5k in Gettysburg this summer that I want to do. These runs are addictive!
Thanks, Pam! And talk about an appropriate userpic! ;)
Thanks, Christine!