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GCC presents Jennifer Lynn Barnes!

The next gal making the rounds on the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit is Jennifer Lynn Barnes, someone I greatly admire and could possibly be my long, long, long lost relative since my maiden name is Barnes.  (Jennifer, any farmers in your family?  No?  Okay, moving on.) 

She's the author of GOLDEN, TATTOO and the new THE SQUAD series about high school cheerleaders who are more than what they seem, and an outsider who must become one of them- to save the world. Part Charlie’s Angels, part Bring It On, THE SQUAD focuses on a group of government operatives who double as high school cheerleaders. Already optioned for television by The N, The Squad takes you behind the perfect smiles and too-short skirts to prove that there’s nothing more dangerous than underestimating a cheerleader… especially if she’s on The Squad.


Bayport High operates like any other high school - jocks at the top, outsiders at the bottom, and everyone else in between. Enter Toby Klein, a sophomore computer hacker who doesn't play well with others. She has zero school spirit, a black belt in karate, and what her guidance counselor calls an "attitude problem." She's the last person you’d expect to be invited to join the varsity cheerleading squad.
But things are different at Bayport.

Bayport's varsity cheer squad is made up of the hottest of the hot. But this A-list is dangerous in more ways than one. The Squad is actually a cover for the most highly trained group of underage government operatives the United States has ever assembled. Athletically, they're unmatchable, though they make it all look easy on the field. Mentally, they're exceptional - but with one flash of their gorgeous smiles, you'll completely forget that. Socially, they're gifted, so they can command and manipulate any situation. And above all, they have the perfect cover, because, beyond herkies and highlights, no one expects anything from a cheerleader.

Toby Klein might not seem like the most likely recruit, but she’s never been one to turn down a challenge. If she can hand the makeover, Bayport High may just have found its newest cheerleader.

Pretty, popular, armed, and extremely dangerous - meet THE SQUAD.


Saying Toby Klein is an unlikely cheerleader is like saying Paris Hilton might be into guys - understatement of the year. But the varsity squad at Bayport High gives new meaning to the phrase All-American, and Toby's double life as a varsity cheerleader and a government operative means balancing protocol, pep rallies, computer hacking, and handsprings.

Now something’s about to go down in Bayport, and the Big Guys Upstairs need to know what. The Squad is on the case, but it looks like this mission could put the "L" in lethal. And if the spy business doesn't kill Toby, it’s starting to look like Brooke, the team's captain, might. The nominations are in for homecoming court, and rumor has it that Toby is the unlikely frontrunner for queen.

Terrorist threat? Bloody mission gone wrong? Demented squad captain?

Bring it on.


"Fast, fun, and full of adventure -- you'll never look at cheerleaders the same way again." - Ally Carter, New York Times Bestselling Author of I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You and Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

“Thoroughly addicting.” –Publishers Weekly

“In addition to offering crafty plotting and time-honored typical teen conflicts and rivalries, Barnes maintains a sharp sense of humor in this action-adventure series…Give me a C, give me an I, give me an A, give me more of Toby’s adventures in espionage.” -The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“Just screaming to be turned into a television series.” –Bookshelves of Doom

“If you cross Ally Carter's spy books with Meg Cabot's THE MEDIATOR series, you've got your smart-aleck anti-social heroine kicking butt and taking a cheerleader outfit. If you haven't discovered this series yet, you're really missing out.”–, Gold Star Award for Excellence and a Reviewer’s Choice Top Ten Pick


Jennifer Lynn Barnes is a Fulbright Scholar and a recent graduate of both Yale University and Cambridge University. A former competitive cheerleader, she was named an All-American Cheerleader by the National Cheerleaders Association in 1997. She can neither confirm nor deny any experience she may or may not have had as a secret agent, but she can tell you that in addition to the Squad series, she’s the author of three other teen novels: Golden, Tattoo, and Platinum. Jennifer wrote her first book when she was still a teenager and she is currently hard at work on her next. Visit her online at


Best of luck with your new series, Jennifer! 

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