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January 2014

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Best Superbowl commercial

What's up with the Superbowl commercials? As per my normal tradition, last night I read during the game and only watched the commercials, seeing how that's the best part and football is not my sport unless the Ravens are playing. (Eight more weeks until Oriole's opening day, YAY!!) But it seems like the commercials are becoming less funny every year.

Still, the Planter's uni-brow one was hilarious! I'm wearing cashew perfume today to see if it works. I'll be sure to report on that later.

I also liked the Doritos one, too. The game? I was hoping the Patriots would win because that's who my husband was cheering for, but hey, it was cool the Giants won.

Off to put on more cashews and throw away my tweezers . . .

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There's NO WAY you didn't enjoy that game!!! It was one of the best superbowls I've seen (and yeah, I usually read while my hubby watches...) Come on...confess!!
Okay, I did watch the final minutes, because my husband kept jumping from the sofa yelling, NOOOOO! ;)
LOL!!!! I knew it!


I loved the one with the Clydesdale and the dalmation. That hi-five at the end made it perfect.

Hubby was rooting for the Giants and I was rooting for the Patriots. It was a close game. I felt for the Patriots, to go this far withhout a loss and then lose the most important game of all!

Like, Pam, I usually read. This time I worked on my laptop while watching! LOL!

Re: Superbowl

I missed that one! Must have been, er, in a different room at the time. ;)

Re: Superbowl

I just saw it was rated the #1 favorite superbowl commercial, so you'll probably see it on the news. It was fantastic!

Re: Superbowl

What about the one with Shaquille O'Neil, (which I totally spelled wrong, but I don't feel like looking it up.) That one was funny as well!

Okay, looking back now, maybe the commercials were better than I thought. ;)